Crypto Casino Providers for Safe and Profitable Gambling

Cryptocurrency is frequently called the currency of the future. Some experts even insist that in the future world, fiat money will become outdated and only cryptocurrency is going to be used. We aren’t sure this will happen soon, but definitely more and more casinos accept crypto-coins for both deposits and withdrawals. But it doesn’t matter how attractive the idea looks for you, you shall know some details before opting for a crypto company and even more, before opting for any cryptocurrency as a deposit and withdrawal method.

1. Syndicate Casino
2. BetChan Casino
3. BitStarz
4. Campeon bet
5. PlayAmo

Advantages of a Crypto Casino

Cryptocurrency is not limited by borders, nations, and so on. It can be limited only by a specific regulation or its absence. Thus, if you can deposit and withdraw in crypto, you can register and play in any cryptocurrency company around the world. Usual limitations don’t apply in your case.

Deposits and withdrawals usually occur immediately after the request is processed by your crypto coin casino. Any cryptocurrency wallet works just like as any e-wallet, all the transactions are immediate, except for bitcoin. In the bitcoin case, you might need to wait some minutes, up to half an hour, actually, until the miners register your transaction in the blockchain and you send or get your crypto funds. Other cryptocurrencies are instant.

Private transactions, you don’t need to provide any personal or financial data. All you need only to give your public key to get the funds. Other than that, your data is not required. Consider though that any company has its requirements for registration and verification of your account. Thus, the provision of some information will be still needed. But the main advantage is that you will not have to type in all those sensitive data every time you are depositing some coins or withdrawing them.

Transaction procedures are simplified to several clicks. This is due to the fact that cryptocurrency itself as a phenomenon is pretty strange to many people. And to make a transaction in crypto, you need to be pretty well-aware of what it is and how it works. The providers understand that any complexity will turn the punters away. That’s why all the transfers are simplified to several clicks. Of course, the most detailed instructions are available.

Drawbacks of a Crypto Casino

There are still not many cryptocurrency casinos around. The majority of them are still concentrated in bitcoin. Some more have also Litecoin and Ethereum, and just few can offer deposits and withdrawals in other crypto-coins. We hope though that in 2021, the number of bit casino and other crypto casino providers will increase significantly.

One more drawback is the technology itself. Still, not many gamblers know how to buy or sell cryptocurrency. But even if you are one of those tech-savvy players who knows all about cryptocurrency, a cryptocurrency company shall arrange everything extremely simply to make it possible for players to use cryptocurrency. We shall admit though that most casinos handle this issue very well. How to deposit and withdraw funds in crypto, we will check later though.

One more important detail shall be considered. In some cases, it can be a huge benefit, while in other cases, it can turn out to be an immense drawback: super high volatility of cryptocurrency. The bitcoin alone has already demonstrated what means crypto volatility, when within some hours, the price of a coin can either grow or drop for several thousands of dollars. Thus, your company shall arrange immediate transactions to mitigate the volatility consequences.

How to Select the Best BTC or Other Cryptocurrency Casino

You might spend many hours looking for the best BTS casino of any other cryptocurrency casino. That’s why we have chosen for you the most optimal, the safest BTC casino and other crypto-casino providers, for you to enjoy the safest and the most profitable transfers.

We have done it based on several main principles. We would add though that if you select a gambling company, you shall consider these principles doesn’t matter whether it is a bit coin casino or a traditional company that accepts fiat money only. Thus, all the casinos that are in our list comply with the following requirements.

Licensing from a reputable watchdog

Any bitcoin online gambling provider shall have a license from one of the best regulators. Those are the Maltese, the British, the Curacao ones. There are some more reputable regulators, however, to get the license from them, a company doesn’t have to comply with strict requirements. Thus, it is still recommended to give the preference to those casinos that have worked hard to get their licenses.

A reliable license means first of all that the provider is financially stable. Otherwise, a license would be simply not affordable. Moreover, every provider shall pass regular auditing procedures to maintain the license, and those audits aren’t cheap, too.

To get a license, a company needs to have all the games certified. This is done by independent organizations, and this is a guarantee that the company cannot cheat on players via gambling software.

In the very worst case, if the casino creates some troubles, you can always seek a legal solution to the problem. This is possible only if the company is regulated and the regulator really cares.

A sufficient selection of games

It doesn’t matter at all what you like to play. Those can be slots, table games, games with live dealers or special games. They shall be available on the selected website. Even if the selected provider has just a couple of games but your favorite ones are available, there is no need to look for other options. However, a provider might offer thousands of options but if your favorite ones aren’t available, there is no reason to stay by the company.

It is better if you can check the functionality of the games for free. Normally, the best casinos either offer a free play option or a no deposit code for such purposes. Some offer free spins, and this would work, too. Even if the casino offers only match bonuses, don’t hurry to deposit a lot immediately. Test the provider with a smaller sum, only then, move to more significant deposits.

Customer support is there, constantly

Customer support is just needed whatever other people say. You risk your money. If you can reduce the risks at least to some extent, do it. The availability of customer support is one of the options to reduce the risks. At least, you can be confident that someone is there to assist if something happens to your money.

Bonuses are the same like in a usual casino

We understand clearly that crypto casinos are still not so common. Thus, many players worry not only about the availability of games but about the availability of bonuses, too. Thus, when checking for the most optimal variant to gamble, whether you are in England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or any other country, make sure that you get a nice welcome bonus. Normally, if you deposit in crypto, the bonus is also issued in crypto. Otherwise, the losses on exchange difference might be huge, and providers know about it.

Further, check whether you are accompanied by the bonuses while you are playing. Just to name a few, such options as free spins, cash bonuses, cashback offers, reload offers are the most common perks almost every enterprise offers.

Some casinos send for special events, your birthday, for instance, bonus codes or promo codes. They can provide you with a free bet, free spins, some cash. Use them whenever you find or get them.

Availability from both desktop and mobile devices

All the crypto casinos are normally modern casinos. Thus, they can be gambled from a desktop and from mobile devices. While some of them still offer apps to download for Android and iOS devices, others have moved to the most advanced version: HTML5. The main ides is that a good company will always offer you a choice from what device to play.

Fast transactions

This is an aspect that is crucial to a crypto-enterprise only and only if you deposit and withdraw in any cryptocurrency, especially in bitcoin. The reason is that all the cryptos are incredibly volatile. Their prices might change several times within seconds. These fluctuations are especially noticeable in the case with bitcoin, a crypto that is more expensive than others, thus, the changes of its price are especially important. Therefore, it is important to check whether the enterprise doesn’t convert your crypto in fiat money at any stage of depositing or withdrawing, that it doesn’t charge fees (they can be very high), and that all the transactions in cryptocurrency are handled asap. Otherwise, you might be losing just a lot of money constantly.

Live gambling

This is one more detail that shall be checked. Not in all the crypto enterprises live games are available for gambling. Therefore, if you love playing games with live dealers and you deposit in crypto, check if the company offers this option. If not, you might want to choose one more deposit option.

The Best Crypto Casinos to Enjoy Safe and High-Quality Gambling

Based on the above explained requirements, we have selected the best providers. Every enterprise from the list accepts at least one type of cryptocurrency for both deposits and withdrawals.

Syndicate Casino

On the Syndicate website, you will find all the attributes of a real enterprise. Even the characters are absolutely life-like. Maybe the main difference is in the games selection: none land-based casino could ever manage such a number of games. But even though there are plenty of options to choose from, our interest was in the games where one can gamble with crypto. They are arranged in a special section, thus, not the entire selection is available for crypto-punters. However, don’t get discouraged. There are hundreds of bitcoin games. You will definitely find all the options you like.


This is one of the leading gambling providers. When it comes to gambling, on their website, you can find just anything: thousands of all types of games, plenty of deposit and withdrawal options, including the most popular cryptocurrency, the bitcoin, and whatever else you are looking for.

The games are arranged in separate sections. Thus, you can find easily everything there, including bitcoin games, they are in a separate tab. The selection of bitcoin games is amazing, just check them out, and you will understand that you will never be bored.

This is a nice option if you love bonuses. Everything starts immediately after the registration. The first deposit brings the first bonus, even bitcoins are considered. Further, one promotion after another one follows to make you feel motivated.


This is a provider that loves cryptocurrencies, and you can see it immediately. Unlike the majority or companies that accept just bitcoin and are happy to be called crypto-casinos, BitStarz has moved further. There, you can pay in several main cryptos: BTC, BCH, DOGE, LTC, ETH. It is just exceptionally convenient and offers many additional options. Not everybody loves bitcoin, you know, due to many reasons.

The welcome offer is divided into some deposits, with an option to select or reject any of them once you feel you don’t need more bonuses. There is a long list of regular bonuses, every punter will be amazed even if he/she doesn’t use them at all.


This company is one more that accepts a number of the most common cryptos: BTC, XRP, BCH, LTC, DOGE. Thus, whatever cryptocurrency you prefer or have, you have access to the main options.

The variety of games is breathtaking. You can play whatever you like, including a long list of games gambled with crypto. Ok, that’s right, not all the options are available for cryptocurrency gambling. But trust us: we have checked the games, and we were impressed indeed by their variety and number.

All the other features of a reliable enterprise are present, too, including generous motivational bonuses and absolutely professional customer support. All in all, this is for sure one of the best casinos in general, not only one of the best crypto casinos.


One more leading provider PlayAmo is no doubt one of the best crypto-casinos, too. It accepts such popular cryptos like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether. It is quite strange that in such an enterprise, Ripple is absent, but we believe that the provider has its reasons to have taken such a decision.

PlayAmo is one of the most reputable providers, thus, you can count on everything you would ever want from a good enterprise: an amazing games variety, fast withdrawals, good limits, and professional and friendly customer support. This is for sure one of the best options to gamble whether you like normal games or cryptocurrency games.

Our Verdict

While the popularity of cryptocurrency is growing, the number of crypto-casinos is increasing, too. Cryptocurrency is a very convenient option to make deposits and withdrawals, it is safe, reliable, and offers an opportunity to play from any part of the world without worrying about exchange rates, and similar.

The main point is in finding the right casino for you. For that, check if the selected provider complies with all the mandatory requirements and with your personal requirements. Then, you can register a player account and start winning.